We know entrepreneurship is the emerging driver of today’s economy. By equipping entrepreneurs with the skills and resources they need to succeed, we can build stronger, more resilient communities for all of us.

Scalable technology for training entrepreneurs

The way we learn has changed because of both technology and COVID. Entrepreneur Ready addresses both of these factors with a program that is fully online and can be completed safely at home.


How do we jump-start the entrepreneurship sector in our communities? Especially during a pandemic. Even when funds are available, finding an engaging and scalable means of training people who may be busy with family, work, and life is no small task.

But Entrepreneur Ready believes solving this problem is central to rebuilding our economy and strengthening our communities.

Why our program works


We believe in order for individuals to be persistent and create long-term value, their ventures need to align with who they are as individuals. Our program begins with this principle in mind.


Reducing entrepreneurial risk

We all love our own idea. But building a business is about learning how we can bring value to those around us.  Our program focuses on how entrepreneurs can de-risk their ventures by asking questions and building insights from their future customers BEFORE investing in assets for their business.

Live workshops

Remote coaches

in your community

The #Launch1000 program in Westchester has helped me marry my purpose in life with my passion for design. This amazing program provided me with valuable tools to start and run my own business. I will be forever grateful to my coaches Debra, Melanie, Robin, and Pam. Can’t wait to learn even more in the upcoming months! Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity! -Tirlena Lugo (Westchester County)


“Sit in” on one of our workshops