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Starts May 9

Who can benefit

  • Any Idea, Business or Organization With Idea  (Church, Non profit, Community Group, etc)
  • Committed To Launching Within 8 Weeks

Who can help

  • Mentors
  • Volunteers
  • Angels, Funds

The COVID19 Online Idea Accelerator

The COVID19 Online Idea Accelerator offers a 8-week remote, facilitator-led sprint to crush the curve of business closures, loss of income and COVID19 impact.

It includes:

Entrepreneur/Expert Facilitator
Online How To Start Something Roadmap/Platform
(2) Online Facilitated Workshops A Week
Online Community Support
Step By Step Process To Increase Success Faster For Less $
Earned Mentors
Introductions To Organizations, Angels, Go To Market Partners For Traction Gaining Individuals
Free For First 35 Individuals


Each participant will gain access to a success roadmap to rapidly de-risk their idea and search for clients, donors, users before launch. Participants will have access to a proven online success acceleration platform, expert facilitator, a community of entrepreneurs and change makers, weekly online workshops and earn mentors and fast passes to other resources relevant to their needs. While the COVID19 Online Idea Accelerator is currently a
8-week sprint, we believe this is just the start. Everyone who gains traction during the accelerator will be assigned a mentor. We are committed to connecting viable new products, services and businesses/non-profits to relevant resources, funds, angels, and organizations committed to their survival. In addition, we are  working to build additional partnerships to support participants.

The World is facing the biggest crisis of our generation – COVID-19.

The actions and decisions that you make or don’t make now will impact your life and the lives of those you love for years to come. While Governments and Nations are flattening the infection-rate curve our goal is to CRUSH the business closure, loss of income, unemployment curve.  Individual and small businesses need economic urgent care. The COVID19 survival accelerator is the  economic equivalent of  triage, testing, hospitalization,  respirators and therapy. Together we can do this, sign up today.

Entrepreneur Ready

We are a team of entrepreneurs and social change makers who over the past ten years have accelerated thousands of ideas and people…who have launched all sorts of amazing products, services, businesses and social ventures. A couple years ago we started dreaming about building a technology platform to drive entrepreneur success. This last summer we launched our latest version and now with COVID19 threatening our world we’ve decided to pivot our focus to join forces to not only FLATTEN the curve but CRUSH the curve, the curve of infections as well as the curve of business closures, loss of jobs and financial losses. We know how to accelerate and grow businesses so we are opening our platform and training up to the masses who are ready to win this war!

If you’d like to learn more about our founder connect with her on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to learn more about Entrepreneur Ready click here


8-week COVID19 Online Idea Accelerator

  • Online Step-By-Step Acceleration Road Map, Learning & Success Platform
  • Two Online Workshops A Week
  • Continuous Feedback, Support
  • Experienced Entrepreneur/Coach
  • Online Community Support

Earned Incentives (with traction)

  • Mentors assigned to traction gaining individuals
  • Fast Pass
  • Introductions, connections for ideas, businesses who show viability, market traction to incubators, angels funds, distribution partners to minimize cost and accelerate business survival.

After The 8-Week Sprint

  • Continued Access to Online Success Roadmap, Earned Mentors and Fast Pass Connections


What Do I Need?

Passion, Commitment, Time & Computer


Free For The First 100 Applicants Who Meet Requirements

What Do I Do?

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