Scale Up

Radically Inclusive


In Your Community

A turn-key solution for everyone to achieve economic
self-sufficiency through small business ownership

Scale Up

Radically Inclusive


In Your Community

A turn-key solution for everyone to achieve economic
self-sufficiency through small business ownership

At Scale

Our managed services and timely feedback from certified acceleration coaches allow us to deliver rigorous and high-quality entrepreneurship training.

Radically Inclusive

Any business, social venture, or non-profit idea. All ages, experience, income, and education levels. First-time entrepreneurs or small business owners.

All Access

Available 24×7 so participants can work on their venture at the time and pace that works best for them.

Community Building

Immersive community practices drive cross-pollination and serendipitous collisions across diverse zip codes, and grow inclusive networks so those working in isolation now feel more tied to the community and have a greater network in the community.

Our Why

Since 2008 we have been working to not only make entrepreneurship more accessible but also to produce equivalent OUTCOMES and ACHIEVEMENT for women, minorities, first-time business owners, and small business owners. We believe entrepreneurship and business ownership is a 21st-century workforce skill and the key to transforming economic opportunities for ALL.

Real Economic Impact
A community investment with lasting impact

“A recent economic impact analysis by an independent firm projected every dollar invested in the program returned between
$15 and $23 to the client.”

Here is a look at a two-year program in Westchester County, NY.

A Case Study: Westchester County 2021-22

When we say EVERYONE, we mean EVERYONE. Participants completing the program were diverse across ethnicity, prior business experience, gender, and business stage.

Who We Serve, Radically Inclusive

Real Market Traction Achieved

More than just completing a program, entrepreneurs achieved real market traction while still in the program.

High-Tech and High-Touch

Participants interacted with real people. No chat bots or AI grading here. Our fully-managed team engaged with participants often and at critical points to keep everyone motivated, encouraged, and supported.

A Connected Community Developed

The program fostered an inclusive, challenging and encouraging community where everyone achieved more than they could alone.


Messages in online community


Introductions, skill trades, accountability meetings and lifelong friendships.

Program Overview

Entrepreneur Ready Online is a Community Based Accelerator Program. It includes a proven process to de-risk and evaluate the viability of an idea before going to market to better prepare for success.

The Launcher Experience

  • (2) Live online workshops per week for each phase.
  • Individualized Online Coaching avg. 25+ hrs of support per Launcher
  • Coaching Calls – for launcher issues, Fast Track services, and engagement / disengagement conversations
  • ER-managed Online Community Engagement
  • Earned Benefits/Rewards per phase

A 24/7 Accessible
Online Program

Our innovative success acceleration platform is now mobile friendly and accessible to anyone with a notebook, tablet or laptop

Real Feedback from Real Coaches in Real-Time

Launchers receive feedback on every step of their journey. The average launcher will receive 25+ hours of online coaching feedback in the program. In addition to weekly online workshops and question and answer sessions.

A Step-by-Step De-Risking Roadmap

Our unique How To Start Something: De-Risk Any Idea roadmap provides individuals with a guided journey; what to do first, second and next to save time, money, in vetting, evaluating and de-risking any idea to better prepare for market success.

24/7 Performance & Engagement Management

Real time data improves engagement, triaging and outcomes. And provides a way to see where each participant is in their journey and what KPI’s they’ve achieved. We track completions, earned benefits and KPI’s which are customizable to your goals.

Hear It Straight

From Our Entrepreneurs.

Tirlena Lugo


“Launch1000 has fostered such a nurturing environment. I’ve never met such encouraging people. I’ve never felt like I had a whole cheerleading team behind me.”



“After working in corporate marketing for 20 years, COVID-19 wiped out half my industry and I was laid off. Launch1000 allowed me to use that time to start a business for myself that was even more meaningful to me.”



“By having conversations with people I’ve been able to do things without spending money. Launch1000 taught me how to make sure I’m not pouring money into something that’s going down the drain.”



“I would have gone through a great deal of time and financial resources that frankly I can’t recoup. This accelerator taught me it’s possible to look at my venture and in an objective way and remove all the elements that would cause failure.”

Charles Silvestro


“During the last 7 years of my corporate career I worked in Corporate Learning & Development for Mastercard. I oversaw Learning & Talent Development for +3,100 employees who worked in Marketing, Communications, and Product Development & Management. We taught and worked with vendors to teach design thinking, journey mapping, customer discovery, and other product development and management techniques that put the consumer front and center. The course you designed and led is by far one of the best I’ve seen to teach and lead others on the path of entrepreneurship. It was of great value to me, and I uncovered insights and techniques that will certainly help me be successful in my business.”

Hear It Straight

From Our Entrepreneurs.

Our Entrepreneurs Are The
Heart Of What We Do.


Hear what our launchers think about our program.


Hear what our launchers think about our program.


Pam has exited an $18 Million dollar business, failed at a startup, taught entrepreneurship at the MBA level, worked with higher education and economic innovators to deploy entrepreneurship initiatives in the U.S, Kenya and Saudi Arabia and was the founding director of the University of Central Florida Launchpad.

In 30 months, she and her team served over 3,000 students who launched 150 ventures of which the top 10 reported cumulative annual sales of $10M dollars.

Pam developed a unique step-by-step de-risk idea roadmap and over the last twelve years has worked with a team to develop innovative technology, community building processes and acceleration coaching services to scale access to radically inclusive entrepreneurship training. She is the founder of Entrepreneur Ready.

When she’s not accelerating value creators and working with her team, she loves to spend time with her family, children and friends as well as enjoy the great outdoors in Seattle Washington.

Pam has a B.S. in marketing from the University of Illinois-Chicago and a Masters in Teaching from Seattle Pacific University.

[email protected]