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The Accelerated Economy is changing the face of work more rapidly than most people realize.
"85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet."
The Institute for the Future
The way that Executives and Employers are thinking and hiring is already changing.
"1 in 3 employers are looking for entrepreneurial experience."
NFTE (The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship)
"51% of Global Executives say their organizations plan to increase the use of flexible, independent workers in the next 3 to 5 years."
Deloitte 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Report
It's not just future entrepreneurs that need an entrepreneurial mindset.
"It's not enough to add entrepreneurship on the perimeter; it needs to be at the core of how education operates... a process that will require new teaching methods, new frameworks and new models.”
World Economic Forum
How do we give every student an entrepreneurial mindset?
We shift the way we think about
preparing students for the future.
Move From
  • 249 students enrolled in an Entrepreneurship Course
  • 5 people teaching Entrepreneurship
  • A few entrepreneurship courses
To A New Mindset
  • Every Student practices the entrepreneur mindset & skillset while in college
  • Every instructor resourced to facilitate entrepreneur learning experiences
  • A campus-wide entrepreneur ecosystem for everyone
We Help You
Increase # of students
practicing entrepreneurship
Increase # of student
Increase # of teachers
integrating entrepreneurship
into their courses
Our Products & Services
Entrepreneur Ready provides consulting services to higher-ed institutions around the world. A few of the services we offer are:
  • Campus Entrepreneurship Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Campus Entrepreneurship Plan Development
  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Design
  • Entrepreneurship Staff Coaching
  • Staff Coaching - Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Curriculum Design
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How To Start Something fosters the entrepreneurial mindset as it takes students on a journey with their idea from building self-awareness to rapid prototyping to determining if the idea will make money. The course immerses students in the kind of higher-level thinking required to evaluate if their idea is right for them, has a market, and can be made and sold profitably. It breaks down the complex decision making required into simple steps presented as 89 short videos and exercises. Talk to us today about applying the course to your higher-ed institution.
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About Pam Hoelzle

Pam Hoelzle is a successful entrepreneur who built and sold an $18M dollar company. After her second company failed, Pam committed herself to helping others succeed at turning ideas into businesses and social ventures.

Over the past nine years Pam has accelerated tens of thousands of entrepreneurs as an international consultant, entrepreneurship teacher (MBA/undergraduate) and education innovator developing and deploying entrepreneur ready education models.

How To Start Something is Pam's process, a process which integrates the best practices of Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Personal Development, Business Modeling and Theory U in an actionable learning framework designed to save educators, leaders, students and starters time/ money and increase their success outcomes.

Pam's mission is to inspire, empower and resource 100 million starters around the globe.
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